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9 thoughts on “Free Download”

  1. WOW! I’ve been feeling the urge to GET REAL with myself and sort through the muddled junk I have weighing me down and holding me back from the real “ME” Heavenly Father knows. I love the start and I look forward to the rest. And I look forward to this helping me open some doors to rummage through and sort & straighten out. Thank you!! I love revelations that can help others. 

  2. Ok, so I admit that I downloaded your book intro because you asked and because in a way I still see you as that seriously cute boy that stole the claim as my first real crush all those years back and now as someone I proudly call friend. I wanted to be supportive. So, download I did. I just finished reading it and thought that I would tell you my thoughts. 🙂

    1- You are very talented. I was completely drawn in within the first couple of paragraphs. Your writing is like silk. Smooth and comforting.

    3- I didn’t know about your brother. That breaks my heart. No family should ever have to endure the pain of losing a child. I am sorry for your loss, no matter how long ago it was.

    2- I am very intrigued and curious with where your story goes and what you have learned through the process. I have had several of my own life changing events that secured places in the depths of my brain. 4 miscarriages, an abusive first boyfriend, etc. Events that have come and gone but left me with negative beliefs and thoughts that are difficult to shake. I’ve been down the long road of depression. It’s a daily struggle. I’m excited to read more and see how it will benefit me.

    I will, absolutely, purchase your book, and not for the reasons that I downloaded the first 10 pages today. But because I believe in you and because I genuinely want to read more.

    • Thanks for sharing all this with me, Jen. I am touched by your life experience and hope that this book will give you another meaningful way to heal. Can’t wait to get the rest to you.

  3. Very impressive my friend! I have enjoyed the read and your insight into the experiences of your life. 🙂

  4. I finally read it and I really liked it! (You may consider getting a book agent).
    The words flow and its something that I have been thinking about as of late.
    We go through life and don’t really appreciate all the experiences and what we can learn and grow from them. A lot of us stuff things way down deep and then wonder why we feel so bad at times…….
    I remember talking to your parents about Paul. I think what brought it up was that my husband has the same name. Your mom and I went to girls camp together and your sisters were friends with our daughter, VanessaI
    I lost a sister that I never met and think about her at times and how that affected my parents. I don’t think they ever really processed it and got through it. I know it really hit me when I was looking through her baby book and then it just abruptly ended at about 15 months and the whole book was blank after that.
    Anyway keep writing, I feel the wisdom and know your on to something that is very relevant!!!!

    • Thank you, Diana. That means a lot. So many of us have lived beneath our possibilities, for many reasons. Often it’s simply because our ship of self has old barnacles that have latched on beneath the water’s surface. We feel the drag but don’t know why. I hope my book will help a lot of people heal the past, step into their God-given role of creators, and find renewed joy in their lives. Can’t wait to get it finished and out! 🙂

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